Camp Management and Registration Software for All of Your Needs

If you’re looking to automate camper registration and save staff time — or simply provide stellar customer support — CircuiTree is your new bunk buddy.

Online Camp Registration


Make attendance easy with customizable camp registration sections. Forget the logistical nightmares — campers can sign up with a few quick clicks.

Camp Management and Registration Software with Customer, Alumni, & Staff history

Customer, Alumni, & Staff History

Keep all family, individual, donor, staff, and alumni info in one place to keep tabs on how they’re engaging with and responding to your organization.

Camp Management and Registration Software for account management

Account Management

Customers easily create an online account and register themselves, their family, their group, or their kids for your camp, conference, or retreat.

Camp Management and Registration Software for customized registrations.

Customized Camp Registration

Customize the camp registration experience by choosing what steps and options are included (like health forms, available activities, and any custom questions.)

Camp Management and Registration Software with filtering capabilities.

Program Filters & Prerequisites

It’s a snap to prefilter customers so they’re directed to enroll in programs based on their location, date range, gender, age, type of event, and more.

Camp Management and Registration Software with multiple registration capabilities.

Multiple Camp Registrations

Customers can easily add another registration to their online account before checkout, keeping their transactions clean & convenient.

Camp Management and Registration Software with a powerful backend.

Powerful Back-End Camp Management System

Process registrations online and get direct access to all important camper information. You can even easily sign campers up over the phone or enter rogue registrations that arrive via snail mail with our software that makes (almost) anything possible.

Camp Management and Registration Software with Customer Service

Provide Fantastic Customer Service

Your registrars can walk customers through the online registration process. If needed, they can even pick up where the customer left off online to help finish the registration process.

Camp Management and Registration Software with all the tools you need.

Tools for Your Camp Registrar

Make payments, process refunds, verify email addresses, and apply for scholarships with the system that empowers your registrars to take control & enroll campers.

Camper Management: 

Housing and Transportation


Have campers take charge of roommate requests or let CircuiTree expertly assign housing based on age, gender, and other housing priorities you pinpoint. Plus, provide peace of mind to your campers’ parents with real-time updates on arrivals and departures of buses, shuttles, and flights. 

Camp Management and Registration Software with automatic roommate requests.

Automatic Roommate Requests

Campers can invite friends to be their roommates, and you don’t have to manage the process! The other camper simply accepts or denies the request and the system remembers who wants to bunk with whom, taking one more thing off your to-do list.

Camp Management and Registration Software with camp promotion tools.

Promote Your Camp

When campers invite friends who aren’t current campers to room with them, new camp families are created in a self-sustaining ripple effect of business growth. Thus, your campers market for you!

Camp Management and Registration Software that helps get kids to camp safely.

Get Kids To Camp Safe & Sound

Sign campers up for chartered busses or even airport shuttle with set availability based on dates and the number of open seats. The best part? Campers can sign up for a ride to camp as part of their registration process, meaning no more wasted time for your customers trying to coordinate a carpool.

Camp Management and Registration Software with access to real-time updates

Connections To Flight Data

CircuiTree is integrated with real-time flight data to make sure your customers only select transportation options that get them to camp on time, every time.

Camper Management: 



Cater to campers and groups — without creating extra work for your team — with self-scheduling that campers can complete ahead of their arrival. 

Camp Management and Registration Software with simple scheduling

Simple Scheduling

Campers can choose their activities before they come to camp, meaning all you’ll need to do is fill in the activity details and wait for campers to sign up.  (Of course, your team can still schedule campers’ activities if you choose.) 

Camp Management and Registration Software with a full custom experience

Effortless Custom Experiences

Let parents log in online and fill out their campers’ medical information, schedule activities, plus sign terms & conditions.

Camp Management and Registration Software with automated activity scheduling.

Save Boatloads (And Canoe-Loads) of Time

Stop wasting valuable camp time with boring admin work! Forget the late nights inputting form data into a spreadsheet, and feel the freedom of automated group & camper scheduling.

Camper Management:

Camper Check-Ins


Checking in your campers is easier than ever with CircuiTree’s digital tools. Gather all the must-know info when campers arrive without the hassle or waste of stacks of loose paper. One tablet is all it takes!


Camp Management and Registration Software that can digitize essential processes.

Paper-Free Is The Way To Be

Besides being good for the planet, paper-free means fewer errors, mix-ups, and mishaps. Digitizing your essential processes and day-to-day tasks not only is convenient for staff members but also provides a more streamlined experience for campers.  

Camp Management and Registration Software with a check-in process that only takes 3 steps.

3 Step Camper Check-ins

In three steps, campers are checked in digitally with a tablet, have a picture associated with their account, and parents automatically receive their email welcome kit.

Camp Management and Registration Software with easy access to health & wellbeing.

Automatically Connect With Campers' Health and Wellbeing

As soon as a camper checks in, you’re connected to their health needs. Equip each camper with an RFID or barcode-enabled wristband so that staff members can make the necessary charges to their account, dispense meds, or pull up medical records.

Camper Management: 

Safety & Health


Keep campers in tip-top shape by collecting medical info electronically and managing the health center from your tablet or laptop. When you digitize this process, you have access to crucial health info on-the-go. 


Camp management and registration software for contact tracing

Attendance Data For Contact Tracing

Minimize health risks by using registration lists and digital check-in features as a contact tracing tool. Since all of your data is in the CircuiTree system, you have easy access to which campers and staff have interacted with each other and where they’ve been. 

Camp Management and Registration Software with easy to access records

Easy To Navigate Records

Throw out your 3-ring binder, because all the medical info you need is kept in one central, online hub. Find exactly what you need when you need it without sifting through stacks of papers, which is important in an emergency!

Camp Management and Registration Software with immediate access to medical actions.

Speed Up Medical Processes

Log medical complaints, dispense medicine, assign a treatment, communicate with family members, and notify your risk management department of any incidents with our seamless step-by-step interface.

Camp Management and Registration Software with up-to-date medical records

Up-to-date Electronic Medical Records

In case of an emergency, print an up-to-date medical form to give EMS or the hospital – including all health center charting from camp so your camper gets the best care possible, ASAP.

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