Adventure through our roster of user-friendly features to see
how CircuiTree helps camps around the world up their game.

Streamline the camper experience, from
the starting line to the final bonfire.

  • Online Registration

    Online Registration

    Make attendance easy with customizable registration sections. Campers sign up with a few clicks of their mouse.

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  • Automated Housing

    Automated Housing

    Let CircuiTree intuitively assign the very best housing based on age, gender, and pre-set housing priorities.

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  • Transportation Tracking

    Transportation Tracking

    Keep track of campers on the go & ensure their safety with up-to-date records on charter buses, shuttles, and flights.

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  • Activity Self- Scheduling

    Activity Self- Scheduling

    Cater to campers and groups (without creating extra work for your team) with self-scheduling. Effortlessly create custom camp experiences.

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  • Camper Check-In

    Camper Check-In

    Check-in campers upon arrival, take their picture, and drop off any meds, all from a tablet! Your staff will see all info relevant to their registration, without the paper.

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  • Electronic Health Center

    Electronic Health Center

    Collect medical information electronically and manage health center incidents on your tablet or laptop so your campers stay in top shape.

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  • Master staffing in a snap with the tools that help your best leaders become even better.

  • Group Leader Portal

    Group Leader Portal

    Take the burden off your shoulders by allowing group leaders to manage payments, rosters, and request codes online, plus track responses to forms and questionnaires. Result? Smoother ops & happier campers.

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  • Simple Staffing

    Simple Staffing

    Grow your team by creating applications, collecting references, and building interview templates & onboarding forms. From job openings to exporting payroll, get powerful crew-management features.

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Focus on financial management to
grow your camp’s revenue & impact

  • Store Card

    Store Card

    Equip campers with pre-filled cards (set up through their account) to use at your camp store for souvenirs and necessities.

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  • Integrated Point of Sale

    Integrated Point of Sale

    Track inventory, transfer merch to different locations, report on invoices, and match sales with camper accounts.

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  • Guest Group Management

    Guest Group Management

    Set the pricing and custom contracts for your rental & retreat groups to open up that new revenue stream.

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  • Donor Management

    Donor Management

    Leverage the big data points of campers, donors, and staff in one central location so you can pinpoint what’s working and raise more money with ease.

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  • Discounts & Scholarships

    Discounts & Scholarships

    Hand over the logistics of any discount or scholarship structure you can imagine, and our robust pricing engine will handle the rest.

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  • Billing & Financial Suite

    Billing & Financial Suite

    Simplify billing by collecting and tracking payments online, all while integrating with any general ledger accounting software (like Quickbooks).

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High-impact communication at
every camper touchpoint.

  • Prospect Campers

    Prospect Campers

    Track info requests and follow along with each camper interaction to know where they’re at in the sale, and the best step to take next.

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  • Automated & Scheduled Emails

    Automated & Scheduled Emails

    Communicate with clients proactively based on triggers (pending registrations, balances due, etc.) or custom schedules you set up to run on your time.

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  •  Emails From Home

    Emails From Home

    Connect parents and campers with one-way emails parents send to their kiddos. Provide it as a perk, or add a fee to create new revenue streams.

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  • Custom Branding

    Custom Branding

    Custom web skinning & logos lets campers seamlessly move from your marketing site to the registration site without customers noticing a difference!

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  • Reports & Analytics

    Reports & Analytics

    Make data-driven decisions on programming, marketing, financial moves (and more!) with our complete and customizable reporting & query options.

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  • Additional features that help make camp incredible.

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