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Automated Email

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Communicate Effectively

CircuiTree is built with communication in mind. Whether you wish to set up scheduled, automated, or one-time mass emails we have a solution for you.

Scheduled Email

Scheduled Emails

Scheduled emails can be scheduled to send payment reminders, pre-camp reminders, thank you emails after registration, pick-up reminders, photo viewing reminders…the options are virtually endless. You can set the a specific time of day, or schedule by days or hours before a certain trigger, and on and on. Schedule emails to your heart’s content.

Automated Email

Automated Emails

Automated emails are sent by the system without any effort on your part. These include payment verification emails, registration confirmation, forgot password, etc. These emails have pre-loaded content, but you can customize them to the flavor of your camp.

Mass Email

Mass Emails

One-time mass emails give your marketing department, donor development, or whoever the freedom to make mass contact with anyone in your database. You select who the email gets sent to, which can be based on any parameter in the database, and like magic they appear in hundreds or hundreds of thousands of inboxes almost instantaneously!

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