Health Center: Electronic Medical Records Software

Health Information On The Go

Give your Health Center professionals or volunteers the tools they need, on the device of their choice, to keep kids safe. Instantly pull up relevant health information to make the most informed decision for your guests’ well-being.
Medical Records on Any Device

Health Records Dashboard

Easy To Use Dashboard

With CircuiTree’s industry-leading Electronic Health Records software, it is easier than ever to switch to electronic medical records and stay compliant with state & federal regulations. Say goodbye to illegal 3-ring binders and hello to the tablet-friendly Health Center.

Simplify Your Medical Records

There is no need to have your camper information in two systems; with the electronic medical records system inside of CircuiTree all the information that customers enter at registration is easily accessible and right where you need it.

Make Medical Processes Faster

Log a Complaint, make an assessment, dispense medicine, assign a treatment, communicate to family members, and escalate to an incident notifying your risk management department and directors of critical issues.

Real Time Records

Up-To-Date Electronic Medical Records

In case of an emergency, print an up-to-date medical form to give EMS or the Hospital – including all health center charting from camp.

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