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Complete Staffing

Online Applications

Cover the entire application process with our system! We allow you to build your own custom forms seamlessly into the hiring application. Manage what you desire to know with each applicant by offering questions that specify what your camp needs without getting lost in the weeds! In addition to giving you great freedom and empowerment in your employment, offer the most comprehensive application process to your future employee as well!

Interview Notes

The days of using multiple applications to conduct an interview are over! Don’t outsource your questions and notes for interviews into anything else other than CircuiTree ever again. We give you the ability to set up interview questions beforehand and record all of their answers in the same place. Take back the interview process alongside everything else you’re already doing so well!

Automated Reference E-Mails

Automated Reference E-Mails

The application process truly does not have to be more complicated that it needs to be, so let’s make it much simpler! With CircuiTree there is no more tracking down references! Have reference requests sent from the system the moment your potential future staff completes the application and track responses directly in their employment record. Relieve all the task of calling, emailing, and sending flares out to get a hold of references and streamline the entire process while making it so simple anyone can do it!

Electronic Offers

In the midst of the craziness of hiring for summer and also full-time, take away as many steps as possible! With CircuiTree, you can offer a position to your future staffer, have them accept as well as customize it all within the system. This gives you the control to know exactly when your staff can work without having to rely on outside communication. Keep track of who has signed on, how many are still needed and who has yet to confirm!

Electronic Onboarding of Employees

Electronic Onboarding of Employees

We know how complicated it can be to secure all of a new employee’s information, but we help you completely change the game! Don’t worry about having hard copies of important legal documents floating around anymore. Hire as many staff as you need without using a single piece of paper. Collect each new employee document and upload all certifications electronically and securely straight to the system. Keep the process close, safe and easy for everyone involved.

Staff Evaluations

Keep a pulse on your staff performance with CircuiTree. Utilize our integrated evaluation tools to help keep morale high amongst the staff, to encourage staffers in how they are doing and to help them serve kids in the best way possible. Analyze staff information and data which boosts your knowledge of how to make the future even more efficient and powerful. Never stop cultivating a life changing atmosphere of life change throughout your camp for kids as well as your staff.

Medical History

Medical History

In the same way you can alleviate paperwork with every other aspect of camp, continue the trend with our integrated medical history system! You completely cover your staff’s information with having all of their medical information right next to everything else! Have easy access to records and information that stays where it needs to be while giving you even more power to take care of your staff in the best way possible.

Integrated Store Purchases

Let’s be real, your staff love snacks! And while we’re being honest, they love t-shirts and camp swag too! Along with our connected point of sale make both your staff and your life less complex by being able to deduct a store purchase from their paycheck!

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