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Discounts & Scholarships

Multy User

Get Campers to Camp!

With CircuiTree’s advanced discount and scholarship engine, it is easier than ever to help campers get to camp.


Endless Options

With our proprietary discount engine, you tell the system what camps, days, number of years, number of campers, etc. the discount applies to; add multiple rules to make hundreds of combinations, literally the options are endless.

Automatic Discounts

You can create discounts that will automatically apply whenever certain criteria is met. Customers can enter coupon codes that will decrease their price automatically.


Easily add funds to scholarships that can quickly be applied to one or more campers at any time, for any amount


Your Terms

Create and stack discount rules to make sure that discounts are only used on your terms. Choose flat rate or percentage based savings on each discount. It’s that simple!

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