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Group Leader Tools

Online Group Leader Portal

CircuiTree is the first camp management software to put power in the hands of your guest group leaders so the phones don’t ring so much in your office.

Management Tools

With CircuiTree’s Group Management Tools, your group leaders can view their bill online, name each of the spots they have reserved, collect electronic medical records per your state’s health department laws, sign terms and conditions, and more.

Guest Group Request

Request Information

Group leaders can send codes to parents to make their lives even easier. Then parents login online and fill out their campers medical information, schedule activities, sign terms and conditions, and more so no information is lost from parent to camper to group leader to camp.


Access Information

This information is stored in your database and now you have access to all of these retreat and guest group people to cross market your summer camp programs, make donation appeals, and keep them up-to-date with the camp they have fallen in love with over the years.

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