Summer Camp Marketing Tools to Unlock New Potential 

Take your summer camp planning to the next level with expert marketing tools.

Instill confidence in your camp, increase enrollments, and ensure your camp program looks as good as you know it is!

Summer Camp Marketing: Seamless Web Integration & Custom Branding


When you use CircuiTree’s summer camp marketing software, it’s easy to instill confidence and trust in your customers. 

Match the look and feel of your core camp website to your CircuiTree-powered registration page, ensuring that all of the branding and language that makes your camp so special is on all marketing materials.


With CircuiTree's summer camp marketing software, you'll see an increase in enrollments.

No More Dropped Enrollments

When customers explore your website and then enter a third-party, unfamiliar registration page, there’s a risk of confusion that can lead to lost enrollments. 

With CircuiTree, you know that all of your pages and sites are branded cohesively and represent your mission.

CircuiTree's summer camp marketing software can help ensure that customers trust you more.

Customers Trust You More

When your main camp website matches your registration site, customers are way more likely to trust it. Presenting a unified brand is crucial, especially in this modern age of marketing!

CircuiTree's summer camp marketing software will promote confidence in your camp.

Increased Confidence in Your Camp

When every element of your camp website and marketing is intentional, clean, and cohesive, you’ll have way more confidence in presenting your programs and engaging with potential customers. 

Summer Camp Marketing: Pull Reports & Run Analytics


With camp management and marketing, data is one of the most important assets your organization owns. That’s why we provide immediate access to CircuiTree’s enterprise-level reporting and querying! 

From the moment you start using the platform, you can use hundreds of out-of-the-box reports and queries to make sense of your data and guide important decisions. Because CircuiTree’s tools all seamlessly work together, you can pull data from camper experience, staffing, and finances, giving a much more well-rounded view of your program.

Explore CircuiTree's summer camp marketing tool for reporting.

Custom Reports

Along with queries, you also have access to reports, which is a collection of data from a query presented in an easily digestible format, like a PDF. Reports are typically used for summaries or specially formatted information. And, they can provide some key insight into the success of your engagements and how they work together. 

Too busy to create your own reports? Our custom reports team will do all the heavy lifting for your organization while we wow you with our programming skills.

Explore CircuiTree's summer camp marketing tool for camper prospects.

Camper Prospecting

One of the main uses of summer camp marketing software is to meet new camper prospects.

With CircuiTree’s tools, you can track data points like info requests and conversion rates with a simple click of a button. You can even see an interactive heat map of where camper requests are coming from, making your outreach process that much more targeted and effective. 


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