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Camp Management Just Got Manageable

Looking for a comprehensive camp management software? Look no further than CIRCUITREE. Our platform helps camp directors and staff manage operations, boost revenue, and improve the parent experience. With CIRCUITREE, you can streamline registration, schedule activities, and track finances with ease. Plus, our intuitive interface makes it simple for staff and parents to stay organized and connected. Don't waste any more time on cumbersome spreadsheets and outdated systems - upgrade to CIRCUITREE and take your camp to new heights. Check out our overview video below!

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Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of our solution

We invite you to join us for live CIRCUITREE demos and educational sessions. Learn how you and your staff can easily optimize, promote and grow your camp with our platform's features and functionalities. 


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Level Up Your

Camp Operations

More than just automating operations, our platform delivers functionality and service with ease and reliability. Understand your campers, deliver better camper experiences, and collect data all in one place to uncover meaningful insights to better understand what’s working and what’s not.
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Implement American Camp Association's

13 Core Competencies At Your Camp

The American Camp Association (ACA) leverages the years of knowledge and experience of thousands of camp professionals to help camp leaders across the country develop the strategies they need to improve their organization, season after season.


To help you provide the best, most enriching experience for campers and staff, we cover each of ACA's 13 Core Competencies in the following guides so that you can get back to doing what you love: Creating lifelong camp memories!

Part 1: Improving Camper Experiences

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Part 2: Developing Camp Leadership

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What Can you expect with our Camp Management Software?


Robust Reporting

Data and insights help accelerate growth! Integrate registration details and performance tracking for accurate data analysis in a reliable and customizable reporting experience.


We know life moves fast, especially with your campers! Easily manage operations from your smartphone while you’re on the go.

Secure System

Protected data - we've got you covered! Confidently store sensitive information. We also offer assignment capabilities for every user on your account.

Flexible Features

We made the registration process flexible, so your campers’ families can easily explore programs and sign up from anywhere, anytime, on any smart device.

Parent Portal

There's no dispute - camp is a blast. But it can be rough on some kids and parents alike. Our Parent Portal feature allows parents to maintain a connection with their campers and ensures peace of mind for all.

Seamless Communication

No more feeling overwhelmed with back and forth emails or voicemails. We improve the lines of communication, so you can spend more quality time creating unforgettable memories for your campers.

You, too, will be one happy camper

Without a doubt, you love what you do. And you’ll love it even more with CIRCUITREE as your partner, by your side, every step of the way.

An icon representing how CIRCUITREE’s camp management software empowers you to automate operations

Automate Operations

CIRCUITREE was built with your valuable time in mind. And it was optimized to give you more of it! With less time spent on administrative duties, you can spend more hours in the day impacting lives.

An icon representing how CIRCUITREE’s camp management software empowers you to unlock profits

Unlock Profits

A deeper understanding of both your customers and operations is critical to building effective, ongoing programming that can help drive revenue and build repeat business.

An icon representing how CIRCUITREE’s camp management software empowers you to strengthen connections

Strengthen Connections

Parents, campers, and administrators will value our convenient communication software capabilities and relationship-building and customer retention applications.

Built for camps like yours.

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Designed by camp operators, for camp operators! CIRCUITREE has evolved and improved over the past 25+ years to become the most valued camp management solution.

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We’ve been in your shoes, cabins, courts, and canoes.

We have a saying here at CIRCUITREE:“Camp. Never. Sleeps.”We get it. Which is why we built a solution for your specific challenges. And we know upgrading your software platform can feel like one of those challenges. But it doesn’t have to.



Can your
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do all this?

Imagine what you could accomplish with CIRCUITREE on your side. Now stop imagining and let’s make it happen, starting with a no-obligation live 15-minute demo. We know you’ll like what you hear.