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Billing & Financial Suite


Enterprise Accounting

CircuiTree is built with the enterprise user in mind, so accrual (or cash) based accounting is deeply hardwired in our code. Defer revenue and payments until the camp week occurs; then the system automatically transfers to the main GL line of your choice!


Manage Multiple Cost Centers & Locations

Have multiple locations with different cost centers, several tax rates, and partridge and a pear tree? No need to worry. CircuiTree has your back and makes it easy, so your accountants won’t fire themselves!

Management Tools

Integrate with your Accounting Software

Link each camp, term, division, item, bus, etc. to the correct AR category and GL code. This way your accounting software will love CircuiTree and your accounting department can actually take their vacation!


Audit Trails

Complete audit trail to track every financial action in your system.


Clear Reporting

Each registrar batches out their AR summary and submits a batch report with all receivables to the accounting department at the end of every day. This provides deep accountability and clear reporting for your accounting department.

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