Easy-to-navigate hiring & staff management solutions so you can stop stressing
over employees and start developing them to their full potential.

Camp Staffing Software: Recruiting Top Talent

Your camp staff is more than just regular employees.
They’ll be with your campers every day, teaching them new skills and leading them through exciting activities.  

Whether you’re hiring new applicants or want a better way of leading your existing camp staff,
our comprehensive tools have got you covered.

Attracting top talent creates a trickle-down effect throughout your camp.
When your team is strong, passionate, and well-trained, camper satisfaction skyrockets.

Learn more about CircuiTree's camp staffing software and online applications.

Online Applications

Take your hiring process digital with online applications. With our custom forms, you can facilitate the entire application process with your unique needs and requirements in mind. This way, you know you’re asking for all of the relevant need-to-know info for the specific program! 

CircuiTree's camp staffing software allows you to directly record interview notes.

Interview Notes

Interviewing is a breeze with CircuiTree’s camp software. Write and organize your questions ahead of time and take notes during the interview within the platform. Having one place for all your interview notes can give you a more comprehensive view of all of your applicants and help with hiring the best prospects. 

CircuiTree's camp staffing software provides electronic offers.

Electronic Offers

Every step of the hiring process is digitized! You can send digital job offers and have recruits accept all within your platform. If they want to, applicants can even customize the offer to better meet their needs. With CircuiTree, you get full control of your staffing. 

CircuiTree's camp staffing software provides easy staff evaluation tools.

Staff Evaluations

It’s essential to do everything you can to improve the camp experience —  and this includes evaluating your staff’s performance. With CircuiTree, you can use data to analyze your employees’ performance and let the results guide staffing decisions. Send surveys to campers and families at the end of every program to get more direct, real-time feedback!

CircuiTree's camp staffing software allows easy integrated store purchases.

Integrated Store Purchases

Odds are, your staff loves snacks — and camp swag, too. If you sell products at a camp store or online, make store purchases easy for staff members by deducting the price straight from their paychecks. Making purchases is much simpler for employees and you don’t have to deal with the stress of payment processing. 

CircuiTree's camp staffing software has automated reference email abilities.

Automated Reference Emails

Checking a potential new staff member’s references might be the most tedious part of the hiring process. With CircuiTree, you can automatically send questions to applicants’ references and directly track responses in their employee record. 

CircuiTree's camp staffing software can store direct access to medical history.

Medical History

Go completely paper-free this summer! Use CircuiTree’s central medical system to store your staff’s health information. From vaccine history to special medical conditions, your camp system should host it all. This way, you can care for your staff in the best (and safest) way possible!

Camp Staffing Software: Guest Group Leader Portal

If a company or school wants to use your services for a camp program,
you can use CircuiTree to manage their guest leaders with ease.

This way, guest leaders can manage and edit their own bookings online and
avoid unnecessary phone calls or emails with your team. 

We’re the first camp management software to put the power in the hands of group leaders.
Group leaders can manage payments, rosters, and request codes online, plus track responses to forms and questionnaires.
Result? Smoother operations, more profits, and happier campers!

CircuiTree's camp staffing software provides group leaders with management tools.

Management Tools

Group leaders should have full control of their participants and campers.

With CircuiTree, they can view their bill online, name each of the spots they have reserved, collect electronic medical records per your state’s health department laws, sign terms and conditions, and more.

CircuiTree's camp staffing software allows group leaders to request info with ease.

Request Information

To increase convenience and make everyone’s lives easier, group leaders can send codes to parents and campers to directly request information. Using this code, parents and campers can log in and fill out any necessary medical information, schedule activities, and sign any terms and conditions waivers. 

CircuiTree's camp staffing software provides easy access to all group details.

Access the Details

With all of your data in one centralized system, you can easily access all of the information you need. Using data from guest groups can help you better cross-market summer camp programs, make donation appeals, and keep supporters up-to-date and informed about your camp.  

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