Camp Management Just Got Manageable

Looking for comprehensive camp management software? Look no further than CIRCUITREE. Our platform helps camp directors and staff manage operations, boost revenue, and improve the parent experience. With CIRCUITREE, you can streamline registration, schedule activities, and track finances with ease. Check out our video collection below. 

CIRCUITREE & Bunk1: Video Collection

Dive into our collection of short and informative videos showcasing CIRCUITREE's camp management platform and Bunk1's engagement platform. Discover how these innovative solutions can transform your camp.

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Top 5 Benefits of CIRCUITREE

Learn the Top 5 Benefits of CIRCUITREE's Camp Management Platform. 

Exceeding customer expectations

Discover how Bunk1's engagement platform gives your customers quick access to the content they care about most. 

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Bunk1 App Collection

Custom-branded app overview

Learn how CIRCUITREE and Bunk1's Custom-Branded App increases brand identity and builds trust with your families. 

easy access to important information

Explore how CIRCUITREE's Camp Management Platform provides you with quick access to the information you need. 

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How to increase re-enrollments

Learn the most important metric of your camp's business and how Bunk1 can help.

On-demand videos

can't make it to our live walkthrough? Check out a recent session on-demand. get an instant look at all of the functionalities of the circuitree camp management platform 

How To Increase Re-Enrollments!

Learn about the most important metric to the health of your camp's business​

and how Bunk1 can help.

replay - introduction to circuitree:

camp management software

replay - introduction to Bunk1:

A Mobile App for Camps